Decorating Supplys - London

All your decorating needs are catered for at Morrells.

As a friendly family business we are always happy to discuss and advise on any decorating problems.

We stock all the leading brands of paint and the widest range of decorating equipment, tools and paint brushes to suit every price range. These including:

Dulux the leading paint brand with all the colours to bring your ideas to life.

A comprehensive range of Adhesives, Primers & Sealers for every kind of Sticky Job.

  • Dulux Paints
  • Hammerite
  • Ronseal
  • Krylon Spray
  • Cuprinol
  • Unibond
  • Wall Tile Adhesive
  • Silicone Sealant
  • No More Nails
  • Gripfill
  • Colron Wood Dye
  • Translac
  • Rusins Products
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Rollers
  • Paint Scrapers
  • Paint Skuttles
  • Dust Sheets
  • French Polish
  • Paint
  • Solo Reflective Paint
  • Glass Paper
  • Gannet Paper
  • Wet & Dry Paper
  • Polishing Paper
  • Liberty Paper
  • Cellulose Thinners
  • White Spirit
  • Methylated Spirit
  • Wall tiles
  • Floor Paint
  • Pumic Powder

Ronseal Krylon quality woodcare products to help you achieve beautiful results.